Network Management
The NW Series System allows you to connect across media, distance and virtually any other restraint that may have existed till now.

The System can connect over LAN, through PSTN telephone lines, through dedicated serial RS-485 Cables.

The NW Series System has found application in various other scenario's like :-

(A) Canteen Management Systems

(B) Educational Institutes
 (a) Student & Staff monitoring systems where a Teacher can enable attendance recording in a class and then
            disable the Attendance recording.
      (b) Only Staff and other employee's recording of Attendance.

(C) Exhibition & Trade Shows
 (a) Where elaborate reporting of virtually any parameter can be achieved.
      (b) Attendee count.
      (c) Profile Count.

(D) Remote Site's like in the construction industry

(E) Franchisee monitoring applications where there may be no connectivity but a telephone line may be available.

Visitor Management

Library Management
Canteen Management


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